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After 3 months, my Quest 2 screen died - horrible banding, streaking, etc. Looks like you dropped an LCD in a liquid bath.

Frustrating, but these things happen, right? I expected to contact customer support and have a new unit heading out to me in no time, and I'd just plop my unit in the box and return it to Oculus to dissect.

The RMA process isn't a new one, and most companies have mastered the art...

Instead, Oculus support, which only exists as chat (that may even be chat bots from what I can tell) or email, took a day or two to analyze my claims, then asked for me to ship back the unit, in original packaging.

I thought: "Well that's not the ideal order of events... but OK".

I packaged the gear in original box, headset, controllers, charger, and all, and shipped it off to Oculus/Facebook using their shipping label.

The next morning I received an email suggesting to only send the headset itself, and not in original packaging, because I wouldn't get that back - only a headset.

I emailed the agent, warning them of the difference - that I had followed the original instructions, and I *would* certainly need my controllers/charger back.

They said they'd make a not of that and "forward it on to the specialized technical team", whatever that means.

About a week later, I saw a shipment notification from Oculus, for 2.7lbs - definitely not enough for the entire kit. I reached out to the agent to confirm.

They confirmed it was just the headset, but they would let me know as soon as anything else shipped from Oculus.

Helpful right?

Fast forward a few days, still no shipment notice, still no follow-up from the agent.

The shipment arrives - sure enough, it's a refurbished replacement for my basically new headset, and definitely without controllers/charger.

I reach out to the agent again. You see where this is going right?


Another day passes, so I reach out again.


I open a new ticket to address this issue, since my original "agent" has gone dark. The latest support agent/bot kindly suggests that they'll merge this new ticket with my original one, which will be very helpful.

It isn't.

They assure me that when they close the chat, they'll follow up on my ticket and let me know what's up.

They haven't.

So right now, I'm sitting at just over two weeks after my headset died - with a refurbished replacement for one piece, and the rest of the equipment still at Oculus.

I really should count myself lucky though, I'm now reading about much worse horror stories than myself, regarding others caught in the nightmarish RMA process.

ADVICE: Definitely do not buy anything from Oculus direct - buy from a retailer with a generous support staff, as you'll likely only be able to resolve things with them, rather than the non-responsive Oculus Support.

SI headset. Story continues...

User's recommendation: Avoid buying direct (or at all). Support is trash.

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

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